When’s the last time you had your business network audited for security risks? Simply having security software installed doesn’t mean that your business is protected and secure.

Most organizations are far more vulnerable than they realize – instead of hoping your organization is safe, test your company and take action to protect it properly with our expert security services

Hammerbreak is a cyber security provider that specializes in testing and monitoring cyber assets in a commercial setting. Whether you’re a store owner, you run a mid-sized corporation or you have a small business you could benefit from the protection we have to offer at Hammerbreak. 

State of the Art Security Monitoring

Through the use of our proprietary monitoring software suite, known as “Forge” we can analyze and protect your company’s network, servers, websites and each of your endpoint systems such as computers and smartphones. Forge relies on sensors and automatic monitoring to spot security risks in real time and alert the appropriate members of your IT department about what they should do to resolve those issues.

Security Assessments and Advice

The only way to be sure your company is safe is to test its security fully. To do that we offer a range of specialized assessments such as penetration testing, scenario-based security threat testing and automated security assessments to determine just how safe each part of your organization is. During our testing we’ll analyze your website, we’ll look at your web servers, we’ll evaluate all the services you use and we’ll even look at how your personnel responds to threats to pinpoint the weak areas of your organization so you know what to improve on. 

Training and Real Time Security Advice 

Hammerbreak is an MSSP (managed security service provider) that can help prepare your business for a security breach. We can’t fix all the problems for you though. Our team will identify potential issues, explain what’s wrong with your organization’s security and help your IT department remedy the issues effectively. With help from our advisors, your IT department will know what to do in times of need and can make the right decisions to preserve your organization’s security. 


Stop worrying about your organization being attacked and valuable data being leaked and do something to prepare. Contact our office today to learn about our security services and what we can do to safeguard your company today. With our help you’ll learn about any weak points that exist, you’ll enjoy ongoing protection and your team will have the information you need to minimize the damage caused by a real-world attack when one finally occurs. There’s no value that you can put on the security of your business and we’ll ensure you’re well protected.