Hammerbreak is an MSSP (managed security service provider) that’s dedicated to securing the digital assets of organizations around the world. Founded by a team of specialists with backgrounds in the NSA, CIA and the FBI as well as other government agencies, Hammerbreak’s sole goal is to help more businesses become secure against internet attackers. We’re powered by a team of highly specialized experts who offer reliable security advice that’s been proven through years of testing. 

Who Are We

Hammerbreak offers monitoring services, security assessments, and penetration testing and ongoing customer support and helpline services. With dozens of years of security experience between the lead members of this organization, customers can rest assured that they’re getting knowledgeable advice and security services that actually work. 


We run proprietary security software known as Forge that looks for security threats and vulnerability issues all day long, even when security workers aren’t available or aren’t able to monitor everything going on. This software watches for network abnormalities and tests for security issues continuously.  The company also utilizes a software tool known as Ember that constantly monitors endpoint devices and looks for security issues within them.

Few security companies have as much experience or specialized knowledge to effectively audit and protect large corporations from major security threats. Hammerbreak offers hard-earned information that you can use to keep threats out of your company and ensure that you’re ready for any security risk that comes your way. 

Companies interested in upping the security of their data networks, servers and websites can contact Hammerbreak for custom advice, testing services and ongoing protection to give them the peace of mind they need to operate at full capacity. Invest in your security today and make sure your company is around for years into the future.