Ensure that when security breaches occur in your business’s network – and they will – that you’re ready to deal with them quickly and effectively with our digital forensics and incident response services. At Hammerbreak we understand the value of containing threats quickly. That’s why we have expertly trained teams and proprietary tools designed to handle security threats within seconds or minutes so damage to your network is limited.


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We offer our security experts on retainer, which means when you have a question about your organization’s network, about an attack on one of your servers or another security-related problem you’ll have someone to turn to for answers. One of the key goals of our digital forensics and incident response team is to make useful information available to our customers when they need it most. Even if you don’t have the money to hire a full security staff for your organization, you can have the knowledge that you need to mitigate the damage of a security breach while also upgrading your security network over time with help from our providers.

Prepare Your Business for a Breach

If your company’s network is compromised, you need to act fast to minimize the damage is suffers. We will help train your organization and key employees throughout your organization to respond promptly and to make the right decisions in the event of a cyber emergency. Our team will work alongside your organization to shut down substantial threats rapidly. This means going through extensive team training work and running simulations to help prepare the employees at your company to deal with real-world threats as they happen. 

Measure and Enhance Your Company’s Incident Preparedness 

The first step to preparing your organization for a security breach is to see just how ready you are for one today. We will put your organization through a series of tests to see just how well you respond to security breaches and if your current security protocols are up to the task of protecting your organization. Your team will be tasked with working together to protect your company’s data in the best way they know how throughout these tests. After complete testing you’ll get detailed notes about what you can do to improve your organization and how our security services can enhance your company’s cyber security in different ways. 

Provide Timely Security Instructions 

As a CSSP (cybersecurity service provider) we give your staff the instruction you need to patch up security holes and to protect vital data from access in the event of a data emergency. With our monitoring solutions you’ll have the help you need the moment we notice a data breach has occurred, which means that you can relax with the knowledge that your organization is ready to respond to most forms of attack that come your way. Just moments after your network is broken into and your IT department is panicking, you’ll have simple instructions you can follow to safeguard your network. That’s the promise that we offer to you, and the reason so many companies are relying on our services today. Nothing beats having clear instructions about how to handle a security breach the moment it appears. That’s the value of a good monitoring and security response service and what we offer to our customers at Hammerbreak. 

We Help Identify Compromised Data

Once you’re alerted to a potential threat our team gets to work analyzing the break in to identify any potentially compromised data. We can let you know whether any delicate information was accessed or not and help you figure out which sections of your network need the most attention. Stop worrying about whether company secrets were lost in the latest attack and find out exactly what the attackers went for and what security improvements you should be making for your business. Work with our team to ensure you’re always up to date about what’s happening with your digital network and that you know how to respond to security threats as they arise. 

Enjoy the Peace of Mind that Your Business is Ready

There’s nothing better for a business owner than knowing that you’re protected. We have your back at Hammerbreak and our team of security experts will be watching out for potential issues so you can resolve them quickly and easily. It’s important to try and keep out attackers to preserve valuable company data, but it’s even more important to know how to respond when an inevitable breach occurs. We’ll walk you through each of the steps so you make the right decisions and preserve your company over the long term.With help from our team, you can relax knowing that you’re protected and that you’ll have the answers for most security problems that you encounter in the future.