Maintaining a safe and secure company takes more than just updating your spyware software and investing in a security system. It takes constant monitoring. Most businesses just don’t have the time, the manpower or the money to build their own dedicated SOC (security operations center) which is why it makes sense to invest in a service that offers similar results. 


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At Hammerbreak we can take on security and monitoring tasks for you with our managed security services. We’ll become your MSSP (managed security service provider) that watches your endpoint devices, your network traffic and your servers to keep everyone safe. At Hammerbreak we want to ensure you have the safety and security your business needs to keep it safe and maintain business over time. 

How We Protect You: Our Software Service

When customers decide to work with us at HammerBreak they receive three different protective services in one. We provide around-the-clock security management and monitoring and offer human responses to serious security threats. We rely on Forge (our events management and analysis software) to identify key security threats, and Ember (our endpoint management system) to gather the necessary data to keep your organization safe from security threats. Together, all our services offer the same level of protection as a full SOC without the cost. 

We Monitor Your Networks and Services

Hackers and data-breach experts don’t stop working when your company closes for the day and neither do we. We’re an always-on CSSP (cybersecurity service provider) and will be watching out for any threats within your network. At Hammerbreak, our team is constantly monitoring security threats and sending vital information over to our security team when an issue is spotted. We’ll keep watch over your whole network and offer the protection you need for effective security. 

We Offer Real-time Threat-Management Solutions

There’s no reason to panic when actual threats are located, our security team knows what to do! Our security professionals will work alongside your team to remove any security threats and make the necessary adjustments to protect your company and computer network from more serious problems. Our team continuously monitors your network for future incidents and takes aggressive protection action each time a new threat is discovered. 

Look Back Over Past Threat Information

Curious about a past threat event? We store and analyze security data for up to a full 12 months after it’s collected. Talk with our security team about past threats and you can gain access to all this information to help you toughen up your network reliably. 


See Simple Status Reports

You’ll never have to check in with our team to find out how your company is doing as far as its security is concerned. We’ll send out regular status reports each month giving you all the information you want to know about how healthy your business network is and what threats we faced throughout the month. Read through this brief report and you’ll know exactly how well your business is doing for security purposes. 

Why Forge Is Good For Your Business

We built Forge – our Security and Information Event Management tool – to monitor your entire cyber network and to send out security alerts when something happens within the network. This advanced software solution gathers security data in realtime and decides when a network is safe and when it’s at risk. It will give you status updates on a monthly basis, and Forge is the tool that ensures our security experts know when you’re business is in trouble and when they have to start working to resolve a security breach or another protection issue. 

Forge Runs on a Serious of Smart Sensors

In order for Forge to do its job properly, a variety of sensors are added to all the devices in your network for monitoring purposes. These sensors can see the web traffic moving around your network and analyze all that information for the safety of your business. Our team of engineers understands how to analyze this mass of information to spot any potentially dangerous situations. Between Forge and our team of engineers, we have all the information we need to protect your organization. 

While you could build your own security network and hire a full staff of experts to watch over your company to identify security threats, doing so would be far more expensive than working with us at Hammerbreak. Talk with one of our customer service associates today to learn more about our managed security services and how we can protect you at Hammerbreak, how Forge works and what steps you should be taking to keep your organization safe. After a short security audit and software installation process you’ll be protected by our business and have the security you need to run your company with confidence.