Interested in enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity, but aren’t sure that you can find a service provider that can give you the level of protection that you really need? Take a moment to learn about our custom security assessments at Hammerbreak and how we can test every aspect of your business to ensure you’re as securely protected as you ought to be. Our team conducts a range of assessments depending on your organization’s needs and your overall cyber footprint.


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Assessments are useless if the problem isn’t fixed in the end. After identifying the security vulnerabilities in your organization we’ll take the time to help you fix every one of them. Making these adjustments will make your company safer and more reliable and will help ensure you don’t have a breach in your network.

What We Test

In order to provide you with effective protection and ongoing security monitoring, we have to evaluate every aspect of your network and your company’s digital footprint. That means looking at your full web network and the hardware that’s running it. It means foolproofing your website and ensuring the right level of encryption is employed. It means looking over your company’s facilities for security vulnerabilities and even double-checking your personnel to ensure they aren’t making any potentially dangerous mistakes and that they’re following the necessary security protocols at your company.

A Quick Look at Our Assessments

In order to test each aspect of your company’s digital presence, we employ a range of specialized assessments at Hammerbreak. We rely on the Reconnaissance Test to get an outside look at your organization from the viewpoint of a hacker. We create a complete vulnerability assessment using our automated software suite known as Forge to scan throughout your network for any issues present. We perform penetration testing to try and infiltrate your network through vulnerabilities we uncover. We can even mimic specific attacks and security threats using our team of experts to see how well your business can withstand serious security attacks. All of these assessments together push your business’s security products to the limits and give us the information we need to protect and monitor your business over the long term. 

Our Reconnaissance Test

One of our most useful security assessments at Hammerbreak is our reconnaissance test. We’ll approach your company as if we know nothing about it and use publicly available resources to try and find out how to break into your network and access vulnerable information. This unique approach will help you understand what a hacker would do to break into your company and what they would be looking for when testing your organization’s weaknesses. 


The Automated Security Assessment

Using Forge, our advanced security monitoring tool we will scan your entire digital network for security vulnerabilities. This tool will give us a full footprint of your network and point out any flaws that it might have immediately. This assessment is a great place to start when looking to secure your internal and external networks and for protecting your website and web applications.

Different Penetration Testing Assessments

After going through the initial discovery phases using other simpler assessments we will try and break into your network using different penetration tools. We can try to get into your network from the outside your office and also from within the facility itself to expose real security risks on either side. 


Specialized Scenario Assessments

If you’re worried about a specific situation that compromises your network, as your CSSP (cybersecurity service provider) we can conduct highly-specific assessments that emulate certain real-life threats. We can emulate a threat from a criminal organization in the cyber world or a national threat to your organization and keep detailed notes about how your company held up through the ordeal.

Ongoing Monitoring and Security

Even after going through all the assessments and analyzing how your business does, you’re still going to need ongoing protection. Here at Hammerbreak, we have security teams and monitoring solutions available to keep an eye on your organization over time. We’ll monitor your company and watch for any potential security threats to help you stay safe long after our initial assessments are completed. 


Stop worrying about your business being vulnerable to a cyber attack and get it tested today. Use our security assessments to check your current security measures and to find out what you can do to protect your company today. It’s a small price to pay for peace-of-mind and with our services you won’t just get initial protection, you’ll enjoy long-term security monitoring as well.